Autumn Trip to Northern Norway Searching for the Northern Lights


9 days | 8 nights

Tromsø is located at 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and is the largest city in northern Norway. For outdoor enthusiasts, Tromsø is ideally located at the edge of the wilderness, which offers many opportunities for activities such as hiking, fishing, meeting our friendly Husky dogs while searching for the Northern lights. In September, the days get shorter and the period from the middle of September until the middle of November is excellent for hunting the Northern lights, with clear skies before the snow starts to fall. Our individual package tour will also take you to North Cape, the northernmost point of the European continent, and to Kirkenes, where a King Crab fishing trip in the Barents Sea is included. Northern Norway is also the home of the Sami population, who you will meet while learning more about Sami culture and life.


Minimum number of participants: Two adults.

  • Photo courtesy of Northern Horizon Tromsø
  • Photo courtesy of Northern Horizon Tromsø

as from     1995 €

Day 1 Arrival at Tromsø More information
Day 2 Hiking with Husky Dogs

Searching for the Northern lights

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Day 3 Arctic Nature Tour

Northern Lights Photo Cruise

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Day 4 Optional: Reindeer Feeding and Sami Culture

Your Hurtigruten ship departs at 18:30

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Day 5 Excursion to North Cape

Sami Autumn Excursion

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Day 6 River Boat Excursion to the Russian border

King Crab Fishing Excursion

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Day 7 Husky Mountain Hike More information
Day 8 Departure from Kirkenes More information


Transfer from Tromsø airport to the hotel
Three nights in a standard room at the Thon Polar/Scandic Ishavshotel, breakfast included
Hiking with Husky Dogs (09:30-14:00)
Searching for the Northern lights in small group (18:30-00:30 or later …)
Arctic Nature Tour (10:00-15:00)
Northern Lights Photo Cruise (19:00-23:00)
Two nights in an inside cabin during Hurtigruten voyage Tromsø-Kirkenes, breakfast included
Excursion to North Cape (11:30-14:30)
Sami Autumn Excursion (17:15-19:15)
Excursion by bus or quad safari to the Russian Border
Two nights in a standard twin room at the Thon Hotel Kirkenes, breakfast included
King Crab Fishing Exursion by RIB Boat (18:00-21:00)
Husky Mountain Hike (13:00-15:00)



Reindeer Feeding and Sami Culture (11:00-14:00)
Dinner during Hurtigruten voyage
Oceanview cabin during Hurtigruten voyage
Accommodation at the Snowhotel Kirkenes
Airport transfer to Kirkenes Airport


Not included

Airline ticket to Tromsø (TOS) and from Kirkenes (KKN)
Cancellation insurance
Any other activity not specified as “included” in the programme

As from 1995 EUR per adult.


14 September – 15 November 2021

Welcome to Tromsø - Photo and copyright - CH - - Innovasjon Norge


Arrival at Tromsø

Transfer from Tromsø airport to the hotel
Three nights at the Thon Polar/Scandic Ishavshotel or similar in the centre of Tromsø
Standard twin/double room – Breakfast included


Hiking with Husky Dogs (09:30-14:00)

We will visit a husky farm outside Tromsø, where you will have the opportunity to explore the spectacular nature of Northern Norway during an easy hike. An experienced guide will accompany you with some of the best trained dogs. Throughout the hike, you will see the fjords and mountains that surround Tromsø, and if you are lucky, you could also spot some of the wild animals living in northern Norway. You will also have the opportunity to meet the newborn puppies. Please bring warm clothes, rain jacket or anorak and hiking shoes.

Husky in Tromsø - Photo and copyright - CH - Innovasjon Norge

Photo courtesy of Northern Horizon Tromsø

Searching for the Northern lights in small group (18:30-00:30 or later …)

Are you ready for a real adventure? Before the start of the tour, our guide will analyze the weather to predict the best places for the Northern Lights show. Most often we can find the aurora on the coastal islands, sometimes the clear sky will wait for us in Finland. Once we find the perfect place, we will set up a campfire and start capturing the show on camera. Relax with hot drinks, warm up with a hot meal, and enjoy delicious cookies. The guide will take pictures during the visit and make sure you have your perfect picture with the northern lights. If you decide to bring your own camera, the guide has tripods available and will help you set up the camera. The photos taken during the visit will be sent to you the next day. Do not forget to bring your passport on this excursion, as we may cross into Finland. The duration of the tour can vary from 6 to 9 hours, depending on the weather.


Arctic Nature Tour (10:00-15:00)

Northern Norway will surprise you with its unique landscape of fjords, mountains, beaches and picturesque villages. During this 5-hour round trip of Kvaløya island, we take care of the full package: pictures of you and the landscape, homemade sandwiches, hot beverages and a knowledgable guide that will show you the most beautiful spots in the area. We will stop in many places to show you as much as possible during the tour. These breaks are also an excellent opportunity for spotting wildlife, like reindeer, moose and sea eagles. To keep you warm and comfortable while outside, we provide thermal suits and boots.

Photo courtesy of Northern Horizon Tromsø

Welcome to Tromsø - Photo and copyright - Guest image Hurtigruten

Northern Lights Photo Cruise (19:00-23:00)

Are you ready to hunt the Northern Lights with us? Welcome on board this Photo Cruise and we hope that you will leave with some incredible memories! There is something magical about seeing the Northern Lights in the sky, the colors and its movement. Sailing in a boat is a fast way to do it, in one of the best short cruises, leaving Tromsø city center. We will have a different perspective of the city, and hopefully get some beautiful views of the Northern Lights.


Optional: Reindeer Feeding and Sami Culture (10:00-14:30)

Welcome to an authentic Sami experience. During this excursion, you can easily imagine the nomadic way of life of the Arctic tundra while admiring the mountains and fjords of Kvaløya. After meeting the reindeer, you can listen to the songs and stories of the Sami with our local Sami guide. A traditional lunch is served under a Lavvo (Sami tent). Return to Tromsø at 14:30. This optional excursion can be booked from 1 October.

Overnight cruise for two nights – Tromsø-Kirkenes

Hurtigruten voyage Tromsø-Kirkenes – Departure at 18:30
Two nights in an inside cabin, breakfast included
Possibility to include dinner
Possibility to include an oceanview cabin at a variable supplement

Photo courtesy of Hurtigruten

Welcome to North Cape - Photo and copyright - Guest image Hurtigruten


Excursion to North Cape (11:30-14:30)

Welcome to the North Cape – at the very end of the world. The mighty plateau rises 307 metres above the Arctic Ocean, and marks the end point of the European mainland. The journey from Honningsvåg to the North Cape takes you past a wild cliff coast that plunges down into the Arctic Ocean, treeless plains and picturesque fishing villages. In winter and spring, see the frozen shores, endless white plains and snow-capped mountains highlighted by dramatic weather and that special arctic light. In the last kilometres before reaching the cape, the bus has to follow the snowplough. In summer you might see reindeers grazing under the midnight sun, and you’ll have a chance to meet Sámi reindeer herders. The globe sculpture has become the symbol of the North Cape, and is always a popular site for that all-important picture. The North Cape Hall houses a modern visitor centre with a number of facilities. A panoramic film takes you on a beautiful and exciting journey through the area and the dramatic shifting of the seasons. Enjoy a coffee in the café, buy souvenirs and send a postcard from the centre’s very own mailbox!

Sami Autumn (17:15-19:15)

You often hear the Sámi say `nature is our culture´ and considering their intuitive knowledge about nature and its potential you can understand why. Noone has made greater use of nature’s own “pharmacy and pantry” than the Sámi reindeer herders. On this excursion, reindeer herders share their insight and a taste of Sámi culinary traditions as well as medicinal herbs sourced from Arctic nature. You also learn about Sámi culture and handicrafts as well as listen to joiks and tales about the Sámi shaman. As the excursion crosses Europe’s northernmost reaches by bus, a guide tells us about the Nordkyn peninsula, its nature, seasons, weather, climate and everyday life in the two fishing villages of Kjøllefjord and Mehamn.


Excursion by bus or quad safari to the Russian border

Upon arrival to Kirkenes you have the choice between to different excursions: an easy excursion by bus to the Russian border or a quad safari, which requires a good physical fitness.


Two nights in a standard twin room at the Thon Hotel Kirkenes, incl. breakfast
Possibility to book accommodation at the Snowhotel Kirkenes at a supplement

King Crab Fishing Exursion by RIB Boat (18:00-21:00)

Are you ready to brave the Barents Sea for an authentic arctic fishing experience and taste the freshest King Crab you can imagine? Kirkenes is proud to be known as Norways’ King Crab capital. Today, this delicacy has become a major export commodity. Originally, this shellfish comes from Russia and can grow as much as 2 meters in diameter and weigh as much as 15 kg. Those we tend to fish here in Kirkenes usually weight around 7 kg. With a brand-new high-speed RIB boat and seagulls gawking above your head our experienced fisherman guides will start an unforgettable original King Crab Fishing tour by taking you for a marine sightseeing outside Kirkenes. You will cruise along the fjord to find the right place to anchor. Then you head out for the cages, which are sunk deep to catch the biggest king crabs. You will be hands on deck to help pull up the King Crab cages from the depths of the Varanger fjord. Once your wild catch is pulled out You can even take pictures with these fascinating creatures. The catch of the day will be served at the end of the tour in our rustic boathouse restaurant by the fjord, local Norwegian style. Pure, fresh and heavenly tasty! The portions are generous and you may eat as many King Crabs as you wish, so no one will leave the table hungry.

River cruise in Kirkenes - Photo and copyright - Ole Størksen and Hurtigruten


Husky Mountain Hike (13:00-15:00)

Visit Snowhotel Kirkenes summer camp in the idyllic Sandnesdalen, by the mountains and fjords of northern Norway. Here you can enjoy a little bit of the arctic summer life, meet our reindeer, and feed them with their favourite food – tundra lichen. But most importantly, meet our 180 friendly huskies and adorable puppies in the husky farm! After you have found and chosen your four-legged companion in our dog yard, we are ready for a Husky Mountain hike in the mountain ranges above the Snowhotel Kirkenes camp. The terrain is easy and not too steep, so this is an excursion suitable for all. And even If you get tired – not to worry, your strong husky is more than willing to give you a pull! As we reach the top of the mountain plateau, you get to rest at our campsite by the remains of a plane, that was operated during World War II. A great time to start a fire and grill reindeer sausages – northern Norwegian touring style, whilst enjoying the stunning views and the company of huskies.


Departure from Kirkenes

End of programme.

 King Crab Safari in Kirkenes - Photo and copyright - Johan Wildhagen - - Innovasjon Norge


8 days | 7 nights

as from 1995 €