Cap Scandinavia has welcomed guests for more than 15 years!


A meeting in 2007 between a group of friends, with a love for travelling, Scandinavia, the Nordic countries and the Arctic in common, led to the idea of sharing our love with other fans of Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.


More than fifteen years have now passed since Cap Scandinavia was created…! More than a decade during which we haven’t stopped growing at all levels, thanks to an immense passion for our region.


Driven by a desire to innovate, our main goal is to offer enriching, memorable and stimulating experiences and provide high quality services together with the best partners. Cap Scandinavia will accompany you in the realization of your dream holidays from the very first contact.


Our region is to a large extent still wild and authentic. Immense forests and nature reserves remain untouched. This is why we are committed to putting sustainable and ethical tourism at the heart of our activities. We respect local culture and traditions and we believe that the environmental and cultural values ​​are essential. We always favour partnerships with local operators.


We both produce and distribute tailor-made package tours. Our devoted and friendly team will do their utmost in order to elaborate a package tour that will make you marvel, or that will be a perfect gift to a loved one.


Travelling with Cap Scandinavia means travelling safely, thanks to the financial protection of our travel guarantee, required by Swedish law, which covers all travelers irrespective of nationality.


All our partners are chosen with care and attention. We always favour top quality while at the same time respecting local cultures. What counts for us is to see you return back home satisfied and happy about your visit to our region, and enriched by new discoveries and encounters!