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The Lysefjord, at the east of the city of Stavanger, has a length of 42 km. Its name means “clear fjord” and is said to derive from the granite rocks along its banks that are light colored. The most famous attraction is the Pulpit rock, a rocky platform of about 600 square meters and with a vertical drop of 604 meters.

From where can I visit the Lysefjord? Stavanger.

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The Sognefjord is the world’s second largest fjord and the largest fjord in Norway. It stretches over 200 km up to the foot of the Jotunheimen mountains. This area is considered as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. The Flåm Railways run one of the steepest railways in the world, and during this ride you will enjoy the view over numerous waterfalls and snowy peaks.

From where can I visit the Sognefjord? Bergen.

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The Hardangerfjord is located in the county of Hordaland, in the heart of Fjord Norway. With a length of 179 km, the Hardangerfjord is the third largest fjord in the world and the second largest fjord in Norway. In this region, the Vøringsfossen waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Norway. It has a height of 182 meters, of which the water jumps 145 at one time!

From where can I visit the Hardangerfjord? Bergen.

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The Geirangerfjord is roughly 15 km long and is protected by UNESCO as a world heritage. This region is one of the most scenic areas of Norway with majestic snow-capped peaks, waterfalls and lush vegetation. The Eagle Road is the steepest stretch of road up the mountain side, which turns through 11 hairpin bends up from the Geirangerfjord to the highest point at 620 metres above sea level.

From where can I visit the Geirangerfjord? During a two night cruise from Bergen to Trondheim.


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